A Gourmet Coffee Experience

We listen to mother nature at Urban Sips and have made our coffee cups 100% recycleable, while still delivering a satisfying and instagram-able cup of coffee!

Behind the Beans - About Urban Sips Coffee

Like all good business ideas, Urban Sips Coffee began with an obsession; to brew up seriously good barista style coffee, with an exceptional aroma & flavour that was unique to Us.

And that’s where our story began! We travelled the length and breath of Ireland gathering our team of like minded researchers & designers who shared in our vision – Providing a great quality coffee experience to everyone who asked for it.

The beans chosen for Urban Sips create a mild yet bountiful flavour. We utilized the best beans from across the coffee belt to bring the best coffee experience possible to the people of Ireland.

Urban Sips Coffee is currently available in selected Costcutter stores, which can be found on the map below!

Did you know our logo incorporates buildings and historical landmarks from all over Ireland?

Let's take a closer look at Urban Sips logo. Starting with the first attraction which takes us west to Galway... any guesses?

The Galway Cathedral, Galway City

The second attraction that features in our logo involves travelling to the Rebel County. It currently holds the title of the third highest building in the Republic of Ireland.. guessed it yet?

The Elysian Tower, Cork City

Staying at the end of Ireland, takes us to Kerry, the next attraction to hold a place on the Urban Sips logo is...

Blennerville Windmill, Co.Kerry

Opposites attract that's the saying right? Up to the top of the Island of Ireland to visit an attraction in Belfast one that should be on your travel list, any clue what attraction it is?

Belfast Castle

481km is the next attraction, off to Cork City to stop off at the....

City Hall, Cork City

The Capitol of Ireland is th sixth stop of our logo tour, this attraction is a no brainer, stands tall in the city..

The Spire, Dublin

Staying in the capitol for a little bit longer, just to have a look around for our seventh and eight stop on the Urban Sips logo tour...

Georgian Office Buildings along the Liffy

& the eight stop must be the...

The Liberty Building

Sad to say but this is the final destination on the Urban Sips Logo, taking a trip to Down and visiting a particular tower...

Scrabo Tower

Available Nationwide in over 40 Costcutter Stores

Though we started small, our coffee is now available in over 40 Costcutter Stores across Ireland. More are coming on board each month so keep an eye on the map below for updates.

A Flavour to Savour

Our coffee combines beans specially selected across the coffee belt. What is the coffee belt?

It's an geographical area around the globe which promotes the optimum growth of delicious coffee beans.

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