Urban Sips - A Gourmet Coffee Experience


Just about everyone in Ireland has an opinion on coffee. Some people love it, some people hate it, other people live for it.

That’s us, we live for our coffee. 


We spent months scouring the length and breath of Ireland talking to Researchers, Coffee lovers, Designers and more all to bring you Urban Sips Coffee. A gourmet coffee experience without that “gourmet” price tag.

Urban Sips Coffee - Warm your Mornings
Urban Sips Coffee - A Gourmet Coffee Experience

What makes Urban Sips coffee so good?

If we had to describe the feeling of drinking our coffee, it would be that feeling you get when you wake up at 7am for work only to realize its Saturday, or when the deli worker puts an extra goujon in your roll for free.

What makes that feeling? Our unique blend of 100% Arabica beans sourced from Nicaragua, Colombia & Ethiopia.

Fun fact: The Ethiopian “Yiragacheffe” coffee beans are rated as some of the highest quality Arabica beans in the world*

*Ok, we know its not a fun fact, but it could become handy in a quiz!

The International Women's Project

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility our Nicaraguan bean supports the Flores del Café (Women’s Fund Project).

It’s a fair-trade coffee and is produced exclusively by women and helps them get legal title for their land. These titles enable women to get access to credit and loans to support their families.

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Available At A Costcutter Store Near You

Did you know that Urban Sips Gourmet Coffee is available in over 40 Costcutter stores in the Republic of Ireland?

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