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The Urban Sips Story 

Urban Sips; A Flavour to Savour. 

Like all good business ideas, the story of Urban Sips began with an obsession to brew up a seriously good barista style coffee with exceptional aroma and flavour unique to Barry Group.

And so the story began by travelling the length and breath of the country gathering like minded strategists, researchers and designers who shared the same vision and purpose of getting a great coffee experience to everyone who asks for it.

To achieve this objective, we developed a unique approach to brand development, which encompassed elements of the traditional method, experiential marketing and findings within neuroscience.

Our first goal was to source many different structural materials to develop a unit that would deliver a playful but meaningful visual experience. This encompassed sawn oak doors with blackened steel surrounds, corrugated metal back panel along with an illuminated eye catching header, that’s sure to grab a latte of attention.



Our Coffee



Have you ever wondered why our coffee tastes so good?


Because you requested it! Our researchers have spent many, many months surveying the nation through surveying the general public and listening to the enthusiastic suggestions of our many loyal customers.


Overall, you asked for a coffee that would provide a true sensory experience, combining the senses of vision, smell and taste.


We believe we have achieved this blending 100% Grade 1 Arabica beans from Nicaragua, Columbia and Ethiopia.


These coffees combined, produce a blend with an excellent overall body, pronounced aromas and a clean, velvety texture.


We also went the extra mile and chose a Nicaraguan

The Coffee Belt


The Coffee Belt

The Coffee Belt is the imaginary line that curves around the globe, highlighting South America’s, Central America’s, Asia’s and Africa’s greatest coffee-growing regions.

The Coffee Belt is located between latitudes 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South. It defines an ideal zone around the Equator for Coffee to grow. There are many factors that affect the taste of Coffee Beans. Altitude, heat, the variety of the plant and weather are just some of the factors. The Coffee Belt maps the premium places in the world for the growing of Coffee Beans.

Enjoying coffee is more than just a matter of liquid meeting tongue, it’s a true sensory experience. We believe we have achieved this by blending 100% grade 1 Arabica beans from Nicaragua, Columbia and Ethiopia. (The Ethiopian” Yirgacheffe” Coffee Beans are frequently reviewed and rated as some of the highest quality Arabica coffee beans in the world).

The Women’s Project

Woman in coffee

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility our Nicaraguan bean supports the Flores del Café (Women’s Fund Project). It’s a fair-trade coffee and is produced exclusively by women and helps them get legal title for their land.  These titles enable women to get access to credit and loans to support their families.


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